Paul Gauguin – D’ou venons-nous

We do not know what the life is.
Our life, and our history complied many mistakes.
Religion, mathematics, medical, phoysics, astronomy.
All those are hypothesized concepts on nature by human beings.
We experienced turn overs on the existing comon senses.
How do we do when we find misunderstandings?
We just go back to the starting point.
The starting point is Zero.
Zero is just zero.
No accumlation.
Zero is a place and empty, no existence.
We do not have to warry about what we do at the place zero.

Where do we from?
We are born and raised in woods.
We departed from woods and lived in towns.
Then we might lose our ways.
Why don’t we go back to our original places.
That does not mean to lose civilization.
That is the transformation of cicilized life into woods types of life.
We use too much iron and petrleum.
We have changed natural resorces into what cannot be returned to nature
It might be called, exploitation.
It is natural that everything goes back to nature.
Is it OK, if our future is surrounded with machines?
Why not, we will be surrounded with nature?

Living in cities, then feeling in woods.
This type of life should be in future.
Sourounded by woods, breathing airs of woods, living with nature.
The future which never leave the crisis of nature behind.
The future which we feel warm in hearts.
The future which let us know “too much.”
The future which circulate around Zero.
The first, the second, the third, if we know the mistake,
we go back to Zero.
We call this type of future, Zero-th Future.
The future which has the atmosphere of nostalgy.
We pursue the future where we wanna go.