Zeroth Industrial Revolution
The Nostalgic Future Is Coming
Nostalgic Future Committee


The future to be full of nostalgia
Western values face a lot of difficulties
Future in harmony with ancient eastern values
A new challenge is the harmonized life of nature and machinery
Japan culture can contribute to new world values
The Japanese also forget the essence of Japan’s value
Harmony witth Nature、
Modest life、
Connection of people

The confusion toward growth and development
Conflicts of people
Rich and poor gap
Mind depression
Marine pollution
Increase in crime
Abnormal weather
Natural destructions
Community collapsion
Drug and alcohol addiction

The suffering of Western thinking
Failure of Nature Control
Life in urban spreads out pathology
Do you live in a smart city with a peaceful mind?
The failure of the knowledge doctrine
The underestimation of non-knowledge values
How to restore justice and ethics?
Failure of Indicator overemphasis
100 values loss behind 1 indicator accomplishment
How does the SDGs work?
Failure of re-design
The future is not always better than the past.
How do we realize a circular economy?

With impermanence, history in Japan
As refugees from continent
Harmonized life with Abundant and super strong nature
Devotion to natural religion and god-in-anything-ism
A lifestyle based on trees and frequent restorations
The change of seasons and the life with the moon cycle
Prosperity of crafts (including Manga)
Rapid adaptation to Western cultures

Development + Circulation ⇒ Spiral

The next chapter

The Zeroth industrial revolution
Leading the nostalgic future based on development and circulation

Evolutionary interpretation of History of Industrial Revolution
Our developmental history might be wrong
Isn’t it the time to go back to the starting point?
Zeroth : A chaotic creativity over developmental way of thinking

Symbol of the spiral industrial revolution, 0
Past + Future = Present
Nature + Human = World
Other’s happiness + Self happiness = Life

The Zeroth industrial revolution
Recovery of human functions
Start with the instinct of living organisms
Western Thinking + Oriental thinking
Gathering wisdom to overcome the crisis
The limits of economic theory
Do not leave the external economy behind
The birth of a machine coexisting with nature
Beyond natural purism to natural symbiosis

The next chapter, the examples

Towns with the future views
Wisdom to restore human life in small commuities

Okinawa, Ogimi
A healthy 100 years olds (gymnastics, karaoke, driving)
Shiwarser, antioxidant food
Sanpin tea

Akita Uyashinai
Sake brewing in a small, aging village
Creating a keg with cedar in the village
Fermentation of natural yeast

Albergo Diffuso
Spread out in a small village Italy
Hotel management throughout town
Albergo: Hotel
Diffuso : Dispersed

Koenji Kosugi-Yu
Public bath as a community
Crowded with many bathing guests
Youngs and olds gather

Next we show our organization

The purpose of the nostalgic future Committee is to increase a small, heart-rich towns
Visit one million villages around the world
Share each way without unification
Develop your own small village (Zeroth town)
Practice the life making things and fixing things
Spread the culture that does not want too much
Pursue machines (artificial life) that coexist with nature
Develop guidelines that are not strict

You can see our Zeroth Resources, but now we have only Japanese language version

The followings are supplemental information

Zeroth School
discipline extension
Eastern value, mental understanding
Mutual learning
Students teach teachers
Practical Learning
Practice what you learn in the community
Lifelong Learning and Terakoya Learning
Learn anytime, anywhere

Japan’s Possibilities and Stackings

We are appraised from the world but we not in the world major trends

External economy
Pollute the sea?
Devastate mountains?
Too much buying?

Time Robber
Using time for good?
Using time for people?
Using time for likes?
Or, using time for money?

Natural destruction of natural energy
Two Mountain Fuji disappear every year for wind power generators

The next is sketches by our member, Momo

Thank you